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Look no further than these three easy steps to prepare the perfect barbecue

1. Preparation:
Marinate: An easy way to pack your barbecue with taste is to marinate your proteins. Use one cup of marinade for every pound of meat. Let your meat soak for 12-24 hours (depending on thickness of the cut).
Add Flavor in the Fire: Place wood chips in your gas or charcoal grill to add flavor into your meal. Each type of wood adds different benefits, for example, hickory adds a savory element, applewood adds sweet hues, and mesquite adds a tangy kick.
Easy clean up: This may not sound like it belongs in the prep stages of a BBQ, but doing this simple trick will ensure an easy and painless cleanup.  Use a brush to spread olive oil over the grill to prevent meat from sticking.
Ensure juiciness: Place a small pan of water near the flame to ensure a humid environment.

2. Get the meat on the grill:

Space is key: When placing on the grill, make sure to keep enough room between each item, about the width of two fingers, to work your grilling magic. Make sure to keep like foods together to keep track of cooking time.

Flip: Wait at least two minutes to flip your protein; otherwise it will be more likely to stick to the grill.

No sizzle: Do not waste all of the juices in your meat by flattening it while on the grill.

Apply glaze: To prevent your glaze from charring, add it within the last few minutes of your cooking.

Is it done yet?:

Meat: once the juices have risen to the top of the meat, it is safe to eat.

Fish: When you are able to break it into clean flakes, it is finished grilling.

3. Don’t’ Forget:

Wait about 15 minutes to cut your meat. This time allows the juices to resettle into the meat, locking in all of the flavoring.

**Remember, your options are not limited to veggies, fish or meat. You can easily make a pizza in your Barbeque on a stone surface!**

Bare Necessities for Grilling: Long handled tongs, spatula, fork, a basting brush, and a sturdy grill cleaning brush.


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