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Here's is Part Two of our list of the top 10 most important products to buy organic, as well as a recap of why it's worthwhile

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Top 10 Product to buy Organic – Part I! Here’s is Part Two of our list of the top 10 most important products to buy organic, as well as a recap of why it’s worthwhile.   Number 5 Pears

No matter how good they taste, conventional pears consistently show up on lists of the most pesticide-rich fruits and vegetables. Though it was banned from use on pears, methyl parathion -- the fungicide that contributes significantly to the toxicity of strawberries and peaches -- shows up in the fruit’s residues, as does azinphos-methyl, an acutely toxic chemical used on many fruit crops.

  Number 4 Strawberries

Two fungicides, Capitan and iprodione, are classified as probable human carcinogens by the EPA. Moreover, vinclozolin, another common fungicide found on strawberries, impedes the normal functioning of the male hormone, androgen. Among other commonly found contaminants on strawberries is endosulfan, a relative of DDT that imitates the hormone estrogen, which ends up interfering with your normal hormone levels. Go organic on these and you’ll feel even better after that lazy Sunday brunch.

  Number 3 Bell peppers

Typically, green bell peppers are added to diets to provide vitamin C, while red bell peppers enrich meals with vitamin A and a moderate dose of carotenoids. Unfortunately, when it comes to crops, bell peppers are the most heavily contaminated vegetables out there in terms of neurotoxic insecticides. Even the USDA has found pesticide residues on over 95% of conventional bell peppers. Go for organic to avoid this type of high exposure.

  Number 2 Apples

Though they say that one a day keeps the doctor away, this rule of thumb might only apply to organic varieties. The pesticide load of apples is disturbingly high. In one study, there were more pesticides detected on apples (36%), and more pesticides found on single samples of apples (7%), than any other fruit or vegetable analyzed. And while apples aren't No. 1 when it comes to fruits contaminated with dangerous chemicals, they are always near the top of the list. Given this, it is important that you choose one of the many organic options popping up at your local market instead.

  Number 1 Peaches

Peaches are the No. 1 fruit to avoid in conventional produce. In some studies, they’ve had up to 10 times as much pesticide on them as other fruits and vegetables. And those chemicals aren’t friendly ones: They include the cancer-linked fungicides captan and iprodione, and the neurotoxic pesticide methyl parathion

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